Here’s a fun fact: According to Fox Sports, the Kings have the youngest opening-day roster in the NBA with an average age of 24.347 years. 10 of the 14 players on the Kings roster have played two seasons or less in the NBA. If this doesn’t scream hot mess, I don’t know what does. While young talent will prevail in the long run, in the short run it’s about as bad as it gets. Young means inexperienced and inexperienced means not a winning season. Sure, there are exceptions (how about Lebron’s rookie season?), but having an inexperienced team as opposed to one or two inexperienced players makes a world of a difference. While the Kings keep adding young talent to their roster, it doesn’t give the players a chance to form a cohesive team. Look at teams like Los Angeles, Boston or San Antonio. Many of the players on the roster have been playing together for years. They have learned each other’s playing styles, strengths and weaknesses and have defined what a team is and should be and often times it has led them to championships.


I’ve said it over and over again-the Kings need a leader and an experienced one at that. The new guys need someone they can look up to, someone who can teach them the ropes. Great teams have a leader; someone who controls the tempo of the game on the court, someone who can get the team fired up at half-time and someone who rookies can go to for help with their game. What would the Lakers be without Kobe? What would the Spurs be without Duncan? What would the Celtics be without Pierce? My point exactly.


While I tend to live by Pretty Ricky’s words of wisdom, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, in terms of the Kings age is everything. I’m excited to see what a group of fresh new guys can do for the team, but I’m equally as nervous for what is to come. It’s time we stop relying on draft picks and sign a free agent or make a trade that’s going to help the Kings do what they need to do-win games.


Here’s to hoping for a season no less than .500.