The Kings season thus far can be summed up in three letters-W-T-F. 

Let's recap my night via ESPN text messaging:

5:38PM-End of 1st-SAC 29, NOR 23

6:12PM-End of 2nd-SAC 57, NOR 41

6:56PM-End of 3rd-Sac 77, NOR 69

7:35PM-Final-NOR 94, SAC 91

I am truly at a loss for words as the numbers speak for themselves. The Kings were outscored 25-14 in the fourth quarter and ROY Tyreke Evans went scoreless in the fourth. I'm starting to wonder why the Kings even bother playing four quarters since it seems as if they stop playing after three quarters. Someone (hello Westphal) needs to explain to the Kings that yes, a basketball game is in fact four quarters and yes, there is such a thing as winning a game. Until then, I will continue to curse under my breath after every score update is sent to my phone and I will continue to ask WTF are they putting in the water in Sacramento. It's at times like this I wonder why I'm not a Lakers fan, but like a ton of bricks, it always hits me-Purple and black and you will never go back.