It's simple-the Kings owned the month of January. In one month the Kings just about doubled their record winning six games, including a road win against the Lakers at Staples Center. Some may ask what they're putting in the water in Sacramento that's making us win, but instead of questioning, I say we just go with it.

It wouldn't be a Kings/Lakers game without me anxiously standing in front of the TV and screaming at just about everything and everyone every 15 seconds. This game proved no different as of course it came down until the final minutes of the game. The Kings played well and more or less as a team with five players in double digits including DeMarcus Cousins who had a double-double with 27 points and 10 rebounds. Fan favorite Omri Casspi added 20 points and 8 rebounds to help the Kings clinch the win. And you better believe that within seconds of the big win I had texted every Laker fan in my phone to rub it in.

Other big wins for the Kings came on the road against the up and coming New York Knicks, the unstoppable Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Hornets. When I first took a look out the January schedule, it's safe to say I didn't think we stood a chance with teams like the Lakers and Celtics. Sure, we still lost nine games in January, but lets turn the negative into positive-we beat the Lakers, we won three games on the road and we held our own against the Celtics. 

So far all of you who thought I was crazy for writing about a losing team, I got news for you-things are changing. Look out world because the Kings are making a well deserved comeback and in just matter of a time (although I can't tell you how much), we will be back on top.