There's nothing that brings more joy to a Kings fan than beating the Lakers and pushing them to start the season 0-2. Living in LA, I get nothing but crap for being a Kings fan. I constantly get told the Queens (really original) are horrible and have no hope. I sit there and take it with a grain of salt because let’s not forget the Lakers wouldn’t be the Lakers without Kobe. In fact, the Lakers really wouldn’t be anything without Kobe. Say what you want, but unless the Lakers get some young talent in the near future, mark my words that they’re headed down hill. How can Kobe compete with the likes of Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose, two young players who are in the best shape of their lives? That’s what I thought. That’s enough about the Lakers. Let’s recap how the Kings looked in their season opener.


Marcus Thornton was the man of the night for the Kings putting up 27 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. 12 of his 27 points were scored in the 4th quarter which gave the Kings the extra push they needed to defeat the Lakers 100-91 in Power Balance Pavilion, their first home win against the Lakers in three years. Former ROY Tyreke Evans added 20 points while John Salmons had 13 and DeMarcus Cousins had a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds. The Kings looked solid on the floor and with multiple players stepping up, the boys proved this season could be promising. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves…


 On Tuesday the Kings headed north to take on the Portland Trail Blazers. While the Kings took the lead early and seemed to be on the road to victory, they struggled with shooting in the second half going 9-38. DeMarcus Cousins blazed the trail for the Kings with his second consecutive double-double adding 16 points and 11 rebounds to the Kings 101-79 loss. Marcus Thornton put up 14 points and Jason Thompson had 11. The Kings committed 23 fouls in the game and had 20 turnovers which is nothing to be proud of. The loss proved the Kings still had a lot of work to do as they looked ahead to their next game against Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls.


 There’s no denying the Chicago Bulls have some serious talent. After an era of the great Michael Jordan, it was questionable whether or not the Bulls would ever be able to get back on top, but thanks to Derrick Rose, the Bulls have nevertheless proved they’re capable of a NBA title. The Kings struggled at home, going down early and never able to get back up. Once again it was Marcus Thornton who led the Kings in scoring with 20 points, but four other players also scored in double digits. DeMarcus Cousins had his third consecutive double-double while rookie and fan favorite Jimmer Fredette came off the bench with 14 points and 3 assists. Not too bad for a guy who calls himself Jimmer. Unfortunately the Kings were unable to stop the Bulls, losing 108-98.


That does it for your week one recap. Tune in next time for more game recaps, stats and everything else Kings.