Tomorrow night the Kings play the Timberwolves who have the lowest winning record in the current NBA season (1-7). Since there’s no use in talking about the competition (if that’s what you can even call it), I am dedicating this post to my first NBA crush and former Minnesota Timberwolve Wally Szczerbiak.


If there was one thing I could count on for Minnesota, it was Wally. He is hands down the best looking guy to ever play in the NBA and I would even say he is one of the most attractive athletes of all time (next to David Beckham of course). After Google led me to some pictures that I may or may not have already set to my Macbook’s background, here is a top 10 list of why Wally will always hold the key to my heart:


10) He’s from Madrid, Spain, which just happens to be my favorite country (excluding the US)

9) His hair always looks so good even after a game

8) His abs

7) He graduated college with a business degree and finished as the second all-time leading scorer at Miami University

6) He is a family man

5) He has a son named Maximus

4) He was the sixth overall draft pick in the 1999 draft

3) He never ages

2) Did I mention his abs?

1) The way he can handle a basketball


So tonight, I salute you Wally and the way your smile lightens up an arena, the way your chiseled abs provide a smooth surface for laundry and the way you can handle a ball on the court all make me melt.


If you decide to come out of retirement, please come to Sacramento even if you’re another injured bench warmer, I will let you warm my bench any day.