I used to wonder what rock bottom felt like. Now I know. Recently the Kings have lost to the two worst teams in the NBA. They are one loss away from having the worst record in the NBA. They have now lost 10 out of 11 games. I have one question-what the hell is going on?

Last night I received the following ESPN updates to my phone:


7:42PM-End of 1st-Sac 28, Chi 21

8:10PM-End of 2nd-Sac 57, Chi 44

8:51PM-End of 3rd-Sac 76, Chi 69

9:26PM-Final-Chi 96, Sac 85


Please tell me how in one quarter the Kings blew a seven point lead and then lost by 11 points. I didn't even realize that was humanly possible, until I saw the recap of the all-important 4th quarter: 

In the 4th quarter, the Kings were outscored by Chicago 27-9, they had eight turnovers and the Kings shot 3 for 21 in the final quarter. 

So what and who is to blame for the continuous losses suffered by the Kings? Here are a couple of ideas:

-The team is young, both in age and experience as a team. While most teams have been playing together as a team for years, the Kings have had to rebuild as a team every season for the past few years. Plus, individual experience is a factor as 12 of the 14 player roster has played less than five years in the NBA. 

-There is a lack of leadership on the team. While Tyreke Evans is the obvious leader, his slow start to the season sure isn't giving the Kings the confidence they need. Because this is such a young team, a leader has failed to emerge, although if there is a time to step up, the time is now. 

The bad news is, the Kings are bad. Real bad. But the good news is, there is only one way to go from here and that is up.