THE KINGS DELIVERED A WIN! Yes, you read correctly. On Wednesday night, the Kings picked up their fifth win of the year and snapped out of an eight game losing streak in a big win against the Wizards. While I should be praising the Kings for a win and while Westphal and the team should be trying to figure out what they did right, the answer is clear-Washington, the second worst team in the Eastern Conference, was playing without the #1 draft pick, John Wall. Although I'm pretty happy Wall was out with a hurt ankle, I would have loved to have seen a Wall-Cousins match-up as the two played together at Kentucky and are now going head-to-head in the race for Rookie of the Year. But, to credit the Kings, they didn't just beat the Wizards, they destroyed them 116-91. Beno Udrih had a game high 23 points, but it was Jason Thompson who stole the show with 22 points, 14 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Coming off of a win meant confidence in the team who's next matchup was against the hated and overrated Miami Heat. While the Kings did hold their own in the first half, they couldn't keep up with the dream team, falling 104-83 to the Heat.

Next up, the Kings take a road trip down South to battle Houston on Tuesday, New Orleans on Wednesday and Oklahoma on Friday. Now y'all better come back with a win or three ya hear?