Could the current status of the 2011-2012 be any worse? Pre-season was cancelled, part of the regular season was cancelled and it doesn't look like much progress is being made. Awesome. They say when you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all so I will keep my mouth shut about the above situation and share a story that I would like to call an October miracle.


Last Sunday I was at work and started talking to a fellow employee about basketball. He was born and raised in LA so my immediate thought was Laker fan and therefore I instantly judged and hated him. When I told him I was from Sacramento, his face lit up (I didn't know Sacramento had this effect on people) as he said he was a HUGE Kings fan. A LA native who hates the Lakers and has nothing but love for the Kings? That's my type of guy. We proceeded to talk Kings past, present and future for the next 30 minutes. It felt good to finally talk to someone who could appreciate a team with so much potential, but has been unlucky and made some poor decisions in the past 10 years.


We both agreed that Paul WestFAIL, I mean Westphal, needs to go. I still believe one of the worst decisions the Kings made was firing Rick Adelman. Sure, he didn't get us to the championship, but that sure as hell was the closest we've ever come. Plus, he's gone on to coach the Rockets and lead them to the playoffs and next up he will be taking on the T-

Wolves, a young team with great potential (shoutout to UofA alum Derrick Williams!). The Kings usually seem to have a good and early draft pick, but based on our record, we should be getting a higher pick (obviously we are unlucky in the luck of the draw). We are lacking team leadership since all of our players are young and inexperienced in the league and we always seem to make horrible trades. To sum it up, nothing ever seems to go in favor of the Kings and no one is exactly sure who to point a finger at.


The Kings should take this extra time to get it together. I'm not sure exactly what "it" is, but lets start with the coach, the team, the trades, the potential move, the Maloofs, etc. Let's put the Kings back where they belong-on top.