With another championship ring to add to the Lakers collection and with the draft well over, all eyes are now on Lebron James as he determines his fate-another year with what should have been a championship team for the Cavs or a fresh start with a new team? While the frontrunners are pitching a once in a lifetime deal in hopes of signing the King, I can't help but think that Lebron should take a look out west to the Sacramento Kings. Before you laugh in my face, hear me out.

I was born and raised in Sacramento. Sure, it's not San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it is our states capitol. I am just as guilty as the next when it comes to smack talking our city, but there's more to Sacramento then just a cow town (that is Davis) as Phil Jackson likes to refer to us. Let's start with the obvious. Sacramento is in California, one of the best states in the country if I do say so myself. It's centrally located. You are hours away from beautiful Lake Tahoe, the busy city of San Francisco, the craziness that is Los Angeles, San Diego, Napa, and the list goes on. You can be at the beach and the mountains on the same day and although we don't get snow, we do have a distinct changing of the seasons. Our summers are hot, but make for perfect nights, our winter is cold, but not cold enough to snow and our fall and spring are exactly what you want in a season. If the location alone isn't a selling point, let's continue.

Sacramento is a growing city. Recently it has attracted a younger crowd which has thus forced our mid-town area to flourish and become the place to be whether it's for your Sunday brunch or nights out on the town. Since we are the city's capitol, we are the melting pot for politicians from near and far who spend their days lobbying for our great state. Still not sold? Moving on...


The fans. It has been said time and time again that Sacramento has the best fans in the NBA. Unlike some teams (Lakers cough cough), our fans stay until the end win or lose. We stand on our feet most of the game and make sure to cheer our boys on even when things aren't going our way. Sure, we may not be able to beat the Lakers every time, but even as one of the worst teams in the NBA, we will take you to triple overtime and make you work for your win. It was once said, "In 29 cities it's just a game, but this is Arco Arena."


Although we had a losing record this past season, we do have Tyreke Evans who was named Rookie of the Year. The Kings are in a re-building phase. We are starting from scratch and getting young guys who have potential. We have been at the top before and it's only a matter of time until history will repeat itself.


The biggest pull to Sacramento is the Maloof's. Some criticize that they care more about money and their image than the team, but I would have to call bullshit on that. The Maloof's know what is best for the team. Like the rest of Sacramento, they want a winning team, specifically one who can win us our first championship. They know that in order to pull big names we need to shell out the cash. It also doesn't hurt that the Maloof's own the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Year round the Palms is the place to be. It's still new enough that it's a breath of fresh air from the hype of the strip. In fact, everything you need from two hot clubs to lounges to Ghost Bar and Playboy Club to top notch restaurants and a 24 hour cafe that serves the best matzah ball soup in town, you have no excuse to leave the Palms. It's always celebrity filled and a favorite to Hugh Hefner and the girls who have their own suite along with President Obama, Jamie Foxx, the late Michael Jackson and MTV's Real World just to name a few. Any potential King should only be lucky enough to join the Maloof's in Vegas where they will be treated like the royalty that they are. 


So Mr. James I leave you with one thought-why not Sacramento? It's time to make you the true king that you are.