There is no doubt in my mind that California is the best state in the country. Where else can you be skiing in the mountains and watching the sunset over the ocean all in a days time? That’s what I thought. When strangers to the land of California think of the Golden State they tend to think of Los Angeles-the home of Hollywood, “Baywatch,” and Kobe Bryant. Sure, Los Angeles is quite possibly one of the greatest cities on earth (I have even migrated), but what ever happened to Northern California (Norcal), home of the state capitol, the hyphy movement and Arnold Schwarzenegger? It’s time that Norcal sports put Norcal back on the map and I have just the solution.


First lets take a look at all of the sports teams in Norcal. We have my personal favorite Norcal team, the Sacramento Kings, then we have the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland A’s, the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Sharks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. We are well represented, but for a majority of these teams, their glory days haven’t been recently. The Golden State Warriors are often overlooked with the exception of when they pulled off a miracle playoff series win over the Dallas Mavericks in 2007. The Kings haven’t been the championship contenders they used to be after losing the dream team (Webber, Christy, Bibby, Divac, Peja) and have now had to completely rebuild. I’m no football expert, but the 49ers are currently ranked second to last in the NFL and the Raiders are far from being Super Bowl bound. In terms of baseball, the Oakland A’s fell last in their division and with hockey, who cares? But I can assure you, change is coming.


The San Francisco Giants are doing work as we speak as they are on their way to winning the World Series after two impressive back-to-back wins against the Texas Rangers. The Giants alone are bringing the deserved attention to Norcal, but I still feel it’s going to take another team to show the world that California is more than just Kobe Bryant. Enter the Sacramento Kings. They are currently undefeated, won their first game opener in seven years, have the 2010 Rookie of the Year and have a top contender for the 2011 Rookie of the Year. If that doesn’t have potential written all over it, I don’t know what does.


To my Norcal sports teams who constantly disappoint me and leave me wanting an extended season, it’s time to make Norcal more than “hella chill” and put it back on the map where it belongs. In the words of Obama, yes we can and oh yes we will.