Since I am the queen of the Kings, I believe that means I am entitled to cover every King, including Lebron James. And with Decision 2010 over and done with, it only makes sense to dedicate this weeks post to none other than LBJ.

For seven days LBJ left me on the edge of my seat. Each morning I would wake up and check NBA.com hoping that LBJ had decided where he would continue his career. As far as the world was concerned, LBJ was keeping his options open. He had expressed interest in staying in Cleveland or going to the Knicks, Bulls, Nets or Heat. Each team seemed to have promising offers, but based on the facts below, I do believe LBJ made the right decision.

Growing up in Ohio, Cleveland seemed like the ideal place for LBJ to continue on his journey to winning a championship. But, after a disappointing playoff run, it didn’t seem like it would be possible for LBJ to win a ring in Ohio. Due to the Cavs early playoff exit, I can understand why LBJ didn’t want to return. The point of athletics is to win. No one goes pro to have fun. LBJ did everything he could for Cleveland, but he couldn’t do it all on his own. He needs a better team who can rise to the top with him. I understand the state of Ohio is mad since LBJ promised them a ring, but at the same time it’s important to realize that unless the Cavs could bring in either more support or another big name, they didn’t really have a chance to take the championship.

The other cities had good offers as well. The Knicks brought in help and had the big city appeal. The Nets have Jay Z and billions of dollars to buy the best. Chicago had Obama's support along with Carlos Boozer. And last, but certainly not least, the Heat had both Dwanye Wade and Chris Bosh. Put yourself in LBJ’s shoes for a second. If you wanted to win a championship, where would you go? The obvious answer is Miami. It’s a young team filled with exceptional talent. It’s a team that has won in the past and has the best chance of winning in the future. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the team is in Miami, party destination of the east coast and a place where the Kardashian’s are frequent visitors.

Sure, LBJ may not have handled “decision 2010” in the right way, but he didn’t opt out of his contract early, he gave Cleveland the best chance they ever had (and probably will ever have) at a championship title, and in my opinion, he put the Cavs back on the map. It may seem hard to envision now, but I can see LBJ ending his career right back where he started-in his hometown and the place that made him who he is today.

So with that said, I wish LBJ the best of luck and please for the love of god BEAT LA!